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Your choice is clear

When your medical condition requires the involvement of a skilled expert to guide you on the path to recovery, your choice is clear. Whether it be a stroke, sports injury, joint replacement, diminished function or acute pain caused by repetitive stress, or if you need professional advice in overcoming some unpleasant complications which can accompany pregnancy and/or postpartum, or if you just want to sharpen that performance edge, to excel at your chosen sport, Penn-Ohio Rehabilitation has the staff, the facilities and the expertise to deliver what you need.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is the treatment of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems that affect one's abilities to move and function as well as they can in their daily lives. Physical Therapy includes alleviating impairment and functional limitation by designing, implementing, and modifying therapeutic interventions. It also includes preventing injury, impairment, functional limitation and disability, including the promotion and maintenance of fitness, health, and quality of life in people of all ages. Physical Therapy also provides services to athletes at all levels by screening for potential problems and instituting preventive exercise programs.

Because Physical Therapists are required to understand a vast array of problems that can affect movement, function, and health, all current physical therapist education programs graduate students at a master's degree level, with many schools offering a clinical doctorate in physical therapy. After passing a board exam, a Physical Therapist is licensed in the state in which they practice.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is an applied science and health profession that provides skilled treatment to help individuals develop, regain or maintain the skills necessary to participate in all facets of their lives. OT helps restore the highest possible level of independence to individuals who are limited by a physical injury or illness, a dysfunctional condition, a cognitive impairment, a psychosocial dysfunction, a mental illness, a developmental or environmental condition. OT gives people the "skills for the job of living" necessary for leading meaningful and satisfying lives.

Occupational Therapists possess a Bachelor of Science degree in occupational therapy, but most recently all programs have changed to a Master's or Doctoral degree. Graduates must pass a national exam and possess a license within their state.

Direct Access

Direct Access is your opportunity to be evaluated by a licensed physical therapist without requiring you to first be seen by your physician and obtaining a prescription. This program was first approved in Pennsylvania in 2002, and all of the physical therapists employed by Penn-Ohio Rehabilitation have their PA Direct Access license.

Call 724-962-7920 to find out if your insurance company covers services under Direct Access.

Who are we?

Penn-Ohio Rehabilitation is a physical therapy service owned and operated by licensed physical therapists. We employ a diverse team of healthcare professionals who provide quality, comprehensive, and cost- efficient physical therapy. Our staff is committed to their occupations, and to providing the most evidence-based rehabilitation. We continue to expand and better serve you with multiple locations, spacious offices, extended hours, and optimal patient satisfaction.

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